8 Quirky Things To Do In London

There is so much to see and do in London, especially if you’re based in one of the central hostels in London. Once you’ve seen the iconic attractions, why not explore the weirder, wackier side of this grand old city.

1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not – Head over to Piccadilly Circus and prepare to have your mind blown. From quirky exhibits to a breath-taking laser race, this is definitely one fun venue that shouldn’t be missed for the young, or the young at heart.

2. Sample the Beers of the Ages on a Pub Tour – If you’re a serious beer lover and have £20 to spare, you can book a pub tour of London’s East End, courtesy of Alternative London. This is a pretty good deal if you’re staying in one of the hostels in London and want to make the most of your limited time and have some fun to boot.

3. Chill Out in the Swimming Ponds of Hampstead Heath – There’s nothing like an ice-cold dip in the middle of winter to get your blood flowing again! Hampstead Heath’s swimming ponds are open all year round, ready to give you chills and thrills with a dip in the waters.

4. Gourmet Toast in Clapham – Feeling hungry? As in, really hungry? Breads Etcetera offers huge portions and you can eat as much as you can handle of their freshly baked bread. Pair it will one of their delicious omelettes and you’ll be good to go for the whole day.

5. Shop for Umbrellas at James Smith & Sons – London is renowned for its rain and you’ll inevitably need an umbrella if you don’t want to get sopping wet every time you step outside the hostels in London. You can always grab a cheap one, of course, but why not stay dry in style with a brolly from one of London’s most iconic stores, which has been around since 1830?

6. Dine Among the Dead – Always felt that your average restaurant is somewhat lacking in dead animals preserved in life-like postures? Then you may fancy visiting the Les Trois Garcon restaurant. Located in Shoreditch, you can enjoy a delicious feast under the watchful gaze of a host of stuffed (but very real) animals. It’s a taxidermist’s dream, but it’s not for everyone – although it’s certainly different!

7. Get Your Laugh On for Free – Monday nights in the Theatre Royal Stratford East are reserved for a bevy of stand-up comedy acts, and the best part is Comic Mondays are free! This is a great night out and very easily accessible from the central hostels in London.

8. Learn Some Fake History – Speaking of laughs, Bullsh*t London is a two-man comedian act-slash-walking tour of the South Bank. For £10, you can enjoy a two-hour long tour with a skewered, tongue-in-cheek version of London’s grand old history. Perfect for those who lean toward the irreverent.

Religions In London

As we all know that London is not the city of only Britishers anymore, a lot of people have come over there from different countries and have settled over there. Many of the people think that London is a better place to go over there and work so the number of the migrants settled in London tends to increase each year. Also to keep in mind that many students from around the globe adds to the population of London as the top universities of United Kingdom are located in London.

Recently as the latest facts and figures reveal the majority of the Britishers claim them to be Christians about 58% followed by those who believe in no religion, they make up almost 16% of the population of London. Next comes in the Muslims with about 8% and after that the Hindus that make up only 4% of the total population of London. After that come the Jews around 2%, Sikhs with 1.5%, and then Buddhists 1% and almost 9% of the people didn’t like to share their view about this topic at that time. These figures show that the culture of London is so very diverse.

London has traditionally been Christian, and has a large number of churches, particularly in the City of London. The well-known Saint Paul’s cathedral in the City and Southwark Cathedral is also in London. Despite of the fact that the churches are present in a large number, the attendance in these churches is declining according to the Church of England statistics. London is also home to sizeable Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Jewish communities. Many people consider London better place to go and invest over there. That is what has raised the figures of Asian especially Muslims living over there. Many Muslims live in Tower Hamlets and Newham; the most important Muslim Masjid is London Central Mosque on the edge of Regent’s Park. Because of the recent oil boom, increasing numbers of wealthy Middle-Eastern Muslims have based themselves around Mayfair and Knightsbridge in west London because they find London better place to be in keeping the fact in mind that the oil will keep coming to London from their countries in Middle East.

London is home to the largest mosque in Western Europe, the Baitul Futuh Mosque, of the Muslim Community where they can get together and spend some time together; discussing their religious matters. Apart from that, the biggest temple of Hindus in Europe is also in London, they have their gathering in that temple and their festivals too. The majority of England’s Jews are also in the London, they make up a huge community in London. This shows that despite of the fact that most of the population consist of Christians but they still take a lot of care of the minorities over there and make them feel at home by making their religious places readily available for them. This shows the diversity of religions in London, all the possible religions are present in this one part of the United Kingdom.

4 Ways To Enjoy Short Stays In Hostels In London

London, that historic and beautifully manic metropolis, can often seem too big to explore in just a short trip. However, there are ways to capture its essence even if you have limited time.

Get to Know the Tube

The key to a successful stay in the UK capital is not closeted in its landmarks or history. Rather, as you will soon discover if you stay in any of the central hostels in London, it lies in its transport system. Often maligned, it nevertheless offers a surprisingly convenient way for a visitor to get around and make the most of the huge city in a short space of time. If you can manage to come to grips with the train and Underground systems, you will have a great many more options for what you may be able to pack in to a few days. Staying in central budget accommodation is often ideal, as the hostels’ helpful staff will be able to give you the best advice regarding public transport.

Enjoy the Past

Standing in the middle of Piccadilly Circus or wandering busy Liverpool Street is often enough to make a visitor’s head spin. The sheer amount of ceaseless human activity can tempt you into seeing the metropolis as a temple of modern living. But beneath its visage as one of the world’s leading cities, there lies an ancient heart. Your base in one of the central hostels in London is an ideal starting point from which to begin to scratch the surface of the past, that heart buried, yet still beating within its domain. From the British Museum to the still-visible scars of World War Two bombings, it is a must to make some time on even a short stay to explore the unique and well-preserved history of this global icon.

Pick your Nightlife

Many people will choose hostels in London based on their accessibility to the vibrant nightlife. Indeed, while hotels boast high-end service and peace and quiet, quality budget accommodation in the city is ideal if you’re looking to let your hair down. It is difficult to know where to start if you don’t have much time as you’ll be faced with a multitude of options for places to eat, drink and dance. But if, for example, you are near Soho or Camden, the friendly staff and fellow travellers will guide you in the right direction.

See the Sights

Many people who stay in the excellent hostels in London want to go beyond the traditional tourist experience. They long to dig deeper into the cultural psyche of this iconic city. Yet this is difficult no matter how much time you may have, simply due to the depth and breadth of the city and its undeniably bustling ambience. On a short stay, it is perhaps best to focus on the most famous sights. A stroll down along the Thames and around South Bank can open the door to highlights such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Embankment, The Tate Modern and Big Ben, and you’ll discover many more along the way. Everything else may have to wait until next time!

Cheap Special Occasion Dresses

Deciding on which dress to wear for a formal event can easily become a daunting experience. However, if you had made prior purchases for the special occasion; you will be less likely to run into choice conundrums or have a wardrobe malfunction.

Special occasion dresses do not have to be expensive. There are extravagant dresses that will not look good on you, just as you will have astonishingly fitting dresses that cost next to nothing. While selecting cheap dresses, you should ensure that your choice looks good on you, and ensure that you are getting the dress from a store that offers special occasion dresses for cheap.

The first step to deciding which cheap occasion dress to pick, is figuring out your body shape and size. While certain occasion dresses are designed to fit different body shapes, others are more specific to a body shape. You should not make a purchase solely based on its appearance. While this reason is important, you should also check out the ability of the dress to improve your overall fashion appeal.

Figuring out your precise body shape will lead you to discovering the strong and weak points of your body. This is to emphasize your strengths and conceal your weaknesses. For example, women with a less impressive rack but with large hips will find cheap dresses for certain occasions to be perfect for them. Empire waist inexpensive special event dresses on the other hand, are especially remarkable on women with large backsides. Line outfits turn out to work quite well with several body styles.

Now that you’ve decided on which cheap special occasion dress style hugs your body better, you have to understand the peculiarities of each season, and the suitability of a particular dress for events at different times of the day. Although the requirements are usually not lengthy, it is important to know them and make your buying choice accordingly: even if you are seeking wedding gown with sleeves.